Enhancing Your Business with LIVE  PLANTS!

    Whether you manage a large corporate office or a restaurant, Green Scenes has the wisdom and experience to create the  best plantscape for your budget.  We know which plants work best in each situation.  Plants that will thrive in your workplace will create a feeling that no other office accessory can...because they are alive!

      By creating an indoor landscape, your customers will be happier, employees will be more productive, and the air will be cleaner.  Many studies now prove what we knew all along.  Plants make people feel good!   Let us amaze you when you see what Green Scenes' live plants can do to enhance your workplace!


 Your Free Consultation:  We will meet with you to discuss the best plantscape for your situation.  We will then create a full design complete with plant pictures, container images and samples.  We will work hard to create the right design for you.